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Your Air Conditioner May Needs Your Time

The Air Conditioning cleaning and disinfecting requires compliance with specific procedures and appropriate use of suitable equipment. When the cleaning of air-conditioning is not carried out or is poorly carried out, the air conditioning can then become harmful and lead to various pathologies: Legionnaires ‘ disease, fungus, development of Allergies, Syndrome of Unhealthy buildings. In addition, a cleaning of the regular air conditioning will limit the failure of the latter and thus prolong the life of the equipment. To avoid all these mess you should be ready with an expert engineer, good at aircon chemical wash.

Clean the air conditioner filters

The first step is to maintain the air filters of your air conditioner that retain dust and pollen (a manipulation to be performed every 2 weeks during the period of operation).

  • Remove the filters from their location.
  • Dust them with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Clean them with a cloth and soapy water;
  • Let dry before replacing.
  • If the air filters are in poor condition, replace them. From them depends in part the proper functioning of your air conditioning.
  • Replace the activated charcoal filter once a year to avoid odors.

Clean the indoor and outdoor unit of the air conditioner

  • Remove dust on the body of the appliance and on the hoses with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • Also dust off the air outlets with the damp cloth;
  • Wipe it off with a dry cloth;
  • Empty and clean the condensate pan (i.e. the water flows that result from the condensation of the water vapor contained in the air as it passes through a cold heat exchanger).

Chemical wash using steam

The steam cleaner have various advantages:

  • Does not need to be disassembled.
  • Economical with low water consumption.
  • Does not require any chemicals.
  • Can be used in busy workspace.
  • Quick drying of cleaned surfaces.
  • Extending the life of the equipment.

With a steam that reaches 160 ° C, your climaticist in Pau and Orthez ensures efficient descaling that dissolves dirt and grease. Thanks to the combination of a pressure of 6 to 8 bars and a high flow, the steam will thoroughly clean the dirt in inaccessible areas. This cleaning technique does not damage the surfaces of the support to be cleaned. Steam also disinfects and decontaminates condensers, coolers, and fins while cleaning the electrical part safely. Cleaning with steam is an environmentally friendly and safe process.





To act better in the face of a breakdown, some things are to know. In the case where your device displays several problems (it is also possible), some signs must be identified to know where the fault comes from

  • Your air conditioner only blows air, neither cold nor hot.
  • Your air conditioning runs along the façade.
  • The noise coming out of the air conditioner is abnormal.
  • The air conditioning stops or makes his and jerks from time to time.
  • Your remote is not working or very bad.
  • The fuses jump very often, repeatedly and have the air conditioner tripped
  • LEDs no longer appear, blink.

Consult a specialist as soon as possible. In any such emergencies, customer service is undoubtedly valuable and good at aircon repair where each issue is taken care of.