Brad Roemer’s Analysis Of The New Girl Loft

If you’re a great old fan of the Fox comedy show, New Girl, then it’s possible that you’ve been eyeing not only the sweet vintage style that Jessica Day (the show’s lead actress) portrays as she frolics about her day with her three kooky guy roommates—one of which is also her ex-boyfriend. There are many items in their lofty (for lack of a better word) loft that make Brad Roemer and his team of interior designers get googly eyed. This Los Angeles dream home doesn’t fall far from the apple tree, and there are many lessons that Californians need to take back from it.


The Coolest Living Room on the Planet

If we take a closer look at the cool loft living room, the slender leather couch shows we interior design fanatics that an L-sectional can be nice in leather. The color of choice in this case is a creamy caramel versus the normal jet black that we see homeowners opt for. An unconventional take can be found in the strategic use an asymmetric book shelf to part off the living room area from the dining room and kitchen. In such a vast space, it’s important to use furniture as a measure to separate each area from one another. Another notable difference that Brad Roemer swoons over is the dining room area with the mismatched chairs. There’s something unique about being able to go out to the flea market, pick up some cheeky chairs for your dining room and enjoy the mixed styles while you all eat Thanksgiving turkey together. There’s an appeal in the unconventional design, especially when living in a large loft with single men.


Bold Moves in Jess’ Bedroom

When it comes to the bedroom décor, nothing splashes Jessica Day more than a fluorescent-colored wall. Everything today seems minimalist, with neutrals paving the way into the future with cream-colored walls, rugs and arm chairs. In Jess’ bedroom, she opts for a bright blue with mismatched gallery paintings and a stray from the hotel-esque white duvet. Instead, her flower-patterned bed spread leaves for an unabashed momentum to her character. Her love for the unordinary bag and the tied-up vintage dresses with her melt-worthy long brown strands makes for the perfect boho room decor.

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