Rental Cars

Finding Great Deals on Rental Cars

As a business person there will be many occasions where you are required to travel. For many reasons, it is usually best to go ahead and rent a car when you arrive at your destination. Having your own transportation puts you in control of when you come and go and will also ensure that you are not depending on someone else’s sense of direction. Whether the rental car is at your own expense or will be paid for by your company it’s still a good idea to search around for the best deals. Use these tips now to get a great deal on your next car rental!

Reserving online will usually get you a good deal. There are many places to find promo codes and the best deals around. Enterprise is a great place to check out first as they will come to wherever you are and bring you to the car rental facility. Of course, if you are flying to your destination you will probably be able to get a rental at the airport but if you are using any other way to get to your destination this a great option. If you’re looking for the best deal on an Enterprise rental you should definitely visit the Groupon Enterprise Page and try out the many different deals and promo codes found there.

Car rentals are usually cheaper if you are renting for more than one day. Most companies offer the best deals on the weekends which means even if you need the car during the week it may be cheaper to start off with a weekend deal and then pay for the extra weekdays. Some companies will also offer deals for extended periods of time. If you are renting from the airport keep in mind that the airport will usually have higher fees than renting elsewhere so if it’s possible to get a rental away from the airport it would save you some money.

Don’t forget to check out savings clubs like AAA if you have them. Some car insurance companies can also give you a promo code that will work with specific car rental companies so give your provider a call before you place your reservation. Make sure that you also compare prices online with what the rental company will tell you over the phone. Sometimes if you call you will find out that there is a promo not advertised online.

Take the time to do comparisons and don’t forget about all of those hidden fees. Almost all car rental companies have them so make sure that when you make your reservation you know exactly what you will be paying when you arrive. Don’t forget about the insurance as well! Check with your car insurance company and see what they will cover to determine if you need to purchase additional insurance with the car rental company.

Have fun with your reservation! Maybe if you save enough money you could even go ahead and splurge for a luxury vehicle and really drive in style!