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A security for the goods and an indirect liability for the goods in transit – the two insurers should agree on the wording of the contract of the other, the risks covered, the exclusions, etc. as there can be a double guarantee in the police. It is therefore a goal of the most complex to reach.

As a result, a good goods policy that includes indirect cargo liability insurance covers the goods in vehicles for which the insured (transportation broker) and the motor carrier in question are legally responsible. Here, the word “indirect civil liability” means that the guarantee is conditional on the non-payment of the carrier’s insurer. That is to say, it does not constitute insurance on the front line. With the landstar load board this is important.

  • The insurance policy has been terminated or not renewed.
  • The limits of the motor insurance policy were not sufficient.
  • Loss or damage is excluded under the terms of the insurance policy.

Theoretically, the Indirect Liability Subordinate Cargo Insurance policy is to provide compensation for additional protection of the shipment if necessary. The fundamental question is:

Will it cover a loss that is important to you?

For premiums to be reasonable, many carriers have a very high deductible ($ 25,000 or $ 50,000). Remember, however, that any claim that is less than this deductible will not result in any compensation under the policy. The insured then counts on the good faith of the insurer and its financial capacity to settle the claim. Indeed, it is a bit like giving the carrier a line of credit equivalent to the value of the load. If he / she cannot pay or not pay a claim for damages, the Indirect Liability Policy for goods in sub-conveyance may not protect you.

  • On the other hand, Indirect Liability Indirect Cargo Insurance policies do not apply the exclusions, deductibles and conditions of the underlying carrier’s insurance policy. In the end, Non-Follow-up Goods (Non-Follow-Form) fonts, including indirect liability insurance coverage for goods in transit, greatly reduce the risk of being caught with a large claim and no insurance.

Finally, the reliability of operations is not limited to a lever for reducing costs and nuisances; it also represents a lever for increasing the volume of business related to customer satisfaction and loyalty. This point is particularly important in an economic context marked by the crisis of purchasing power and hyper competition.