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Human thought does not stand still, the designers working on the creation of the interiors of bathrooms, once it suddenly seemed that the shower – it’s not so bad! Indeed, in order to take a shower, you just need to bring water and make a drain!

But in addition to the ease of organization of the soul, its charm lies also in the fact that it takes very little space (such a deficit in Soviet-built apartments, for example)! Put the pallet, strengthen the holder, build a curtain – that’s the whole design for you!

In addition, many residents of Vladivostok live so much boils and boils that there is simply no time to take a bath. And it is for these business people that the shower cubicle becomes a real salvation, because it will allow you to quickly rinse off, wash away the dust and dirt of day care, sweat your sport zeal, or just wash your head before an important meeting, when a “general wash” is not needed. For all these considerations for these consulting the recommended plumber in Singapore is the perfect now.

From low to overcast

With low (small) and high (deep) pallets, they can perform the role of both a simple soul and a full-fledged “home bath”. True, and prices in this case they will differ by a couple of orders of magnitude. The simplest pallet, which you will be offered in a specialized store, will cost one and a half thousand rubles.

But at the same time it will be necessary to take care of the purchase of mounting brackets or the search for bricks, which will receive a pallet (usually the economy version of this design is not equipped with any additional elements). “Ceiling” prices for shower cabins are almost endless.

The summands of the sum

In general, the price for a shower enclosure consists of the price of the pallet, the walls, the doors and the “filling”. Depends on the cost of the cabin and the presence or absence of the “roof” (the cabin is closed from above) and the number of walls: a cabin with four walls with a “roof” is called closed, and in the so-called shower corner, two internal walls are missing, their role is played by the walls of the bathroom itself rooms, there are no roofs.

The pallet can be of different depths (from 10 to 45 cm) and from different materials (steel, acrylic, faience cast iron, etc.), and the walls of the cabin can be fixed on skids or immovably and snugly adjacent to the edges of the pallet. The right reliable plumber in Singapore will be able to support now.

The choice is yours!

Another parameter affecting the price is the size and shape: a rectangular cab will be cheaper than a semicircular cab, and an open cab will be cheaper than a similar one, but closed. By the way, you can turn your gaze on the so-called bath-tubs. By and large, this is the same bathroom (its dimensions, by the way, can be chosen according to the dimensions of your bathroom), along the edge of which there are skids (slots) for plastic panels that serve as the walls of the cabin and its door.

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